How to take a ‘Delfie’

How many of us love taking selfies? A selfie is a photo by you, of you and for  you. But what’s a Delfie ? Simple- a Destination  Selfie.
How do you take a perfect shot of yourself  in your favourite  holiday destination? You might have a fancy 10+ megapixel camera,  but it takes more than that to get a great selfie. Check out our tips below-

1. Proper lighting is crucial:  Remember  the best photos are taken just before sunset when the amount  of light in the background  is just right. Make sure the source of light is always in front of you and never behind you. If the sun is shining  bright, remember  to wear sunglasses, else your eyes will be nearly shut in your selfie. 

2. Dress up: Make sure you look your best. Wear colours that enhance your skin tone and get your hair in place.  If you are taking a selfie after a tiring day of sightseeing  and shopping,  freshen up before doing so. You don’t want to look half-dead in front of a historic monument.

3. Get the angle right: The camera angle makes or breaks the selfie. Take 4-5  trial selfies to figure out in which angle you look your best. For most people,  a 30-45 degrees between  the camera and the nose tip works the best. 

4. Frame the beauty : Decide what is beautiful  about the destination  you are trying  to capture and make sure you catch the most important part of the building or scenery in your selfie.  Unlike a regular selfie, here, the centre  of attention is not you. It is the tourist attraction behind you.

5. App up: Some of the best apps to edit and enhance  your selfies are CamMe,  Picr, Candy Camera, Perfect  365 and many more.  Use an app  to make your sexy  selfie  even sexier.